Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Direction

What is my life?
And where am I going?
Some days I think
I have no way of knowing.

Where am I at?
And how did I get here?
Some days I can't
Even remember, I fear.

What did I want
When I was much younger,
Burning with passion,
And all of that hunger?

What did I love
When I was that child,
Running reckless and free,
An un-tamed spirit, wild?

What did I say
When I spoke from the heart,
Before I knew the world
And how that it can hurt?

What could I do
When I was so much stronger,
When I was so swift
And could last so much longer?

What did I treasure
When I could defend,
When I was so fierce
And my wounds easily mended?

What did I lose,
When I mislaid my plan?
I think I remember,
I will find my way again.

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